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Need a little Rest & Relaxation? We’ve got just what you need. Explore our full range of solutions based on a unique blend of functional mushrooms (to support your immune system) and other extracts for a supercharged effect on your wellbeing, support relaxation, and improve the quality of your sleep.

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About Our Sleep and Stress Products

Our solutions for reducing stress include extracts of 3 types of functional mushrooms and other extracts. The uniqueness of the formulation is its ability to battle stress via several biochemical pathways simultaneously (the current strategy significantly increases the probability to receive a desirable effect). Bioactive compounds from Medical Mushrooms support the nervous system, acts as a sedative; in the case of stress, promote inner peace and relaxation; decreases sleep disorders; decreases cases of cardio phobia; treats nervous digestive disorders; reduces depressive moods; for insomnia caused by constant thinking.
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We are a team of Ph.D. research scientists, medical doctors, and pharmacists on a common mission to put effective and holistic preventative care solutions into consumers’ hands. Our collective experience in academic and clinical research, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and medical experience ensure consumers can trust our evidence-based solutions for their wellbeing.